Batastic Exhibit

Batman ’66 Tribute Opening

Holy Opening Night! Hollywood rolls out red carpet for first ever Batman ’66 exhibit. Celebrating the 52nd anniversary of the debut of 1966’s iconic tv series “Batman” starring the late and forever great Adam West, the Hollywood Museum retrospective is now open to the public in Hollywood, CA. Batman 66′ exhibit will be on display [...]

Brand Value & Building an Audience

According to professionals like the ones at Victorious, SEO can help you attract qualified leads from around the globe. However, if you are not the best at SEO, you could struggle to grow your business. Brand Value & Building an Audience Who can forget about the first line of any webpage? As you can see [...]


JL: Throne of Atlantis Premiere

Lessons in Voicing Superheroes At the Justice League: Throne of Atlantis premiere in the Los Angeles Paley Center for Media monday evening, Andrea Romano the magnificent casting director on many animated adventures offered much insight and advice on voicing larger-than-life characters. What do you look for in a superhero voice? Good Acting Andrea: “I look [...]

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