Costume Station Zero Podcast

Costuming Podcast

Highlights from very candid & fun interview with the soothing tones of pop culture connoisseur & avid costumer Bob Mitsch! Part 1: How to Wonder Woman plus my other cosplays, get into comic book modeling & confessions galore podcast with stories of awesomeness with artists George Pérez, Stéphane Roux, and Mark Brooks, Master Blacksmith Tony Swatton [...]

Happy Birthday Wonder Woman


In 1941 Wonder Woman #1 first appeared via newsstands on this date today, October 25th – a wonderful day to begin building this site! The George Pérez reboot of Wonder Woman first got me into comic books at eight-years-old. When I saw that beautiful montage cover with images that looked like my mother kicking butt [...]

Demo Reel

Demo Reel

I am thankful for sharing screen time & working with so many amazing folks!… In order of appearance: Stephen Hanthorn, Anthony Alba, Barbara Foran, Greg Haney, James Connor, Christoph Vogt, Doug Jones, Gary Graham, DB Sweeny, Craig Sawyer, Jack Conway, Matt de Iturriaga, Susan Symthe, and Ace Underhill.

Midnight Whistle Trailer

Teaser for the latest exciting chapter of the official live-action adventures of Paula Peril – based on the comic book by Atlantis Studios and features yours truly! See more at Now prepping to go bigger next year… stay tuned.

Actress/model portraying heroines for print & screen.