Cosplay: Vikings vs. Pirates 2012 Charity Football

Vikings vs Pirates Charity Football

Pasadena, CA — Your Valkyrie reporter bringing you a sneak preview of the sights you’ll see at this weekend’s big game – the 3rd Annual Mead Bowl.  The Viking Horde will once again battle the Jack Sparrow Warriorsin truest sense of fantasy football but this time for charity!  Come out to join the fun and [...]

Nerd Year’s Resolutions


HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Can’t believe it’s almost February…) The always fun and informative blog of Tony Kim “Crazy 4 Comic Con” listed his resolutions which inspired me to make a few of my own: Brave to wear Slave Leia for Jedi’s 30th so I can cross that off my Cosplay Bucket List. Workout more and eat [...]

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