Valentine’s with STAN LEE World of Heroes

Wonder Val

Wonder Valerie reporting

Also watch deleted scenes!

Also watch deleted scenes!

West Hollywood, CA — Was honored to portray Wonder Woman and help create a fun Valentine’s treat with Stan Lee’s World of Heroes! Knew this was going to be epic fun and nothing was going to keep me from joining this film shoot, not even bronchitis.

Behind-the-scene photos and deleted scenes below, many thanks to Spider-Man’s father, Sean Schoenke, for helping to take photos! Also bless Tucker Hyland, the PA who brought me water that kept me from coughing during my camera time & kept running out to feed my parking meter, XOXO ~V


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  1. Sorry to hear you were sick! I am sure you were great no matter what! Best! S.

  2. Tony Kelch says:

    Loved it. Very funny stuff!

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