Justice League Christmas Special

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Your wondering superheroine here sharing a behind-the-scenes look at The Nerdist Justice League Christmas special.

Thanks to the success of our Thanksgiving show we were brought back together for more fun with new super family members including Hawkgirl, PowerGirl and even a whole group of surprised guests for the holiday, take a look:

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Wonder Woman: Valerie Perez
Batman: James Mastraieni
Superman: Ryan Stanger
Aqua Man: Steve Szlaga
Green Lantern: William Sterling
Green Arrow: Bradford Jackson
Martian Manhunter: Charlie Sanders
Hawk Girl: Rachel Retha Middleton
Power Girl: Vegas PG
Captain America: Matt Rogers
Iron Man: Jim Logan
Thor: Pat Almquist
Black Widow: Lauren Marie

Wonder Woman Cosplay Courtesy of Valerie Perez
Superman Cosplay Courtesy of William Sterling
Batman Cosplay Courtesy of Sam Schmucker
Aqua Man Cosplay Courtesy of Christopher Cho
Green Lantern Cosplay Courtesy of Thomas Parham
Green Arrow & Hawk Girl Cosplay Courtesy of Sam McClellan

Make-up Artists: Xanthia Pink, Lauren Marie, Kira Von Sutra
Writer/Director: Andrew Bowser
Producer: Johnny Wickham
DP: Zach Zdziebzo
Sound: Josh Cumming
PA: Miriam Baptista


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  1. LJ says:

    It’s exactly what I wanted. How did you know?

  2. Justin Langston says:

    I always look forward to your projects Val, you know you have my support. You’re a sweet heart. Continue success.

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