JLA Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s and love is in the air at the Justice League…or maybe that’s just the magic cookies talking. Join Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Power Girl and more as they shake things up at a super sexy Valentine’s Day mixer.



Written/Directed/Edited by : Andrew Bowser
Producer : Johnny Wickham
Director of Photography : Ian Van Woods
First Assistant Director : Pat Almquist
Set PA : Olga Desyatnik
Set PA : Sean Gleason
Beauty Makeup/Hair : Kira Von Sutra
Beauty Makeup/Hair : Xanthia Pink
Poison Ivy & Martian Manhunter Makeup : Keaghlan Ashley
Various Makeup/Hair : Lauren Marie
VFX by : www.renderguys.com
Music : 5alarmmusic.com
End title card designed by : Jesse McKeil

Wonder Woman : Valerie Perez
Zatanna : LeeAnna Vamp
Superman : Ryan Stanger
Vixen : Hayley Marie Norman
Power Girl : Vegas PG
Green Arrow : Bradford Jackson
Black Canary : Jessica LG
Batman : James Mastraieni
Catwoman : Caitlyn Catpepper
Martian Manhunter : Sidney Adam Cumbie
Supergirl : Katie Lloyd
Todd : Andrew Bowser
Harley Quinn : Lauren Bregman
The Creeper : Kelly Mark Delcambre
Black Cat : Olivia Taylor Dudley
Poison Ivy : Abby Dark-Star
Green Lantern : William Sterling
Aqua Man : Steve Szlaga

Superman Cosplay Courtesy of William Sterling
Batman Cosplay Courtesy of Sam Schmucker
Aqua Man Cosplay Courtesy of Christopher Cho
Green Lantern Cosplay Courtesy of Thomas Parham
Green Arrow Cosplay Courtesy of Sam McClellan
Black Cat Cosplay courtesy of Jessica LG
Vixen Cosplay courtesy of Thera Pitts
Zatanna Cosplay courtesy of Clara Veda Becka

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