Justice League Lucha Libre

Best JLA issue that actually never existed...

Post production has completed on the new Justice League holiday episode for Cinco de Mayo! Feast your eyes on a cinematic comedy action experience brought to you by The Nerdist. The long, hours made this hardest shoot yet (6pm – 8am) but the fun blows and great company kept us in good spirits!

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Ryan Stanger / Superman

Valerie Perez / Wonder Woman

Lindsley “Vegas PG” / Power Girl

Sidney Cumbie / Martian Manhunter

Pat Almquist / El Sombrero

Ashley Marie Rosas / El Sombrero’s Assistant (Scorpiana)

Madeline Walter / Lois Lane


David Larkins – Director of Photography

Ian Woods – Camera asst.

Evan Freeman – Sound

Pat Almquist – Grip

Jeremy Lambert – Grip

Andrew Bowser – Producer/Director

Kira Von Sutra – Beauty MUA

Alana Rose – FX MUA

Surawit Sae Kang – Fight Choreography

Jason Milligan – VFX

Jessica Gonzalez – Wardrobe

Lauren Marie – Specialty Props



6 Responses to “Justice League Lucha Libre”

  1. Justin Langston says:

    LUCDORAS VALERIE! Nice gig with Nerdist. Keep reaching for the stars. CHEERS!

  2. Tony says:

    This looks so amazing counting down the days . :) Also Best Wonder Woman , Besides Lynda Carter .

    • Admin says:

      I will continue to post more here as we get closer to May. Thank you much Tony, that is the most wonderful compliment!

  3. Richard Frantz says:


    I like your work very much. Your Paula and Wonder Women. I hope you make some more movies.
    Be safe, I wish all the best.

  4. Tony says:

    Hats off to the Cast and Crew , Well Done Video . From start to finish a complete story , great work on the fight scenes.

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