The Doctor Is In!

“Set to shoot early next year is the 13th Star Trek movie, which is heading into cinemas in 2016 to help mark the 50th birthday of Trek” – Den of Geek.

Paramount Pictures will release “Star Trek 3″ in July 2016. In the next adventure we’ll see the crew of the Enterprise back to doing what they do best, exploring space! That thought has been keeping me happy all week :)

* update July 24th 2016 – just saw Star Trek Beyond, best of the three!

If you can use an added boost, report to sick bay…

Have a case of the Mondays? The Doctor is in!

Take a seat and say 'ah'...

Need a body scan? Tell me where it hurts...

I'm afraid he'll never be a series regular...




3 Responses to “The Doctor Is In!”

  1. Robert J. Smith says:

    I heard a rumor that Shatner will be in the next film as Older Kirk.

  2. Almost as if you’re doing Trek Pin-Up. Nice I dig it. Although I like the new Trek movies, I’m more interested in what J.J. is doing with the Star Wars series. Learning more and more about the production. Took a trip to ILM Nov 5th, minus the tour however. And a friend mine who’s husband works for them is keeping some things hush hush. He’s working on parts of the new Star Wars movies…along with upcoming Marvel moviesl. I’m excited.

  3. Howell Selburn says:

    You brighten my day, no matter what you wear :)

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