Brand Value & Building an Audience

According to professionals like the ones at Victorious, SEO can help you attract qualified leads from around the globe. However, if you are not the best at SEO, you could struggle to grow your business.

Brand Value & Building an Audience

Who can forget about the first line of any webpage? As you can see on the screenshot of this page, the first few lines are relevant and make your business card stand out. But what about the rest of the paragraph? Where does it end? Does it make a dent in what you want to convey about yourself? You can have a huge impact by writing an intelligent opening paragraph.

Write the page as if it’s the first time you are writing for your brand. Start by giving people a little information about what you do and why it matters. But what if you don’t even know what you do? Don’t worry, a lot of professional content authors give their readers a more complete, up-to-date and fully accurate biography in their opening paragraphs.

One of the big mistakes I see with brand new authors is not telling their readers about their professional backgrounds and other relevant facts.

Start writing your brand bio with a healthy dose of content marketing fundamentals. Make sure to provide the reader with a wide range of relevant information for them to make up their minds.

After your brand bio, use your website content to create your buyer persona. The buyer persona is the image of your business, which a lot of people have in their minds when they read your brand name. This person becomes the main point of reference when deciding what kind of content to read about you.

With the buyer persona and your article, you have created an ideal buyer personae to guide people’s purchasing decisions. You need to put together a three part strategy for marketing your content:

Your Selling Point: Don’t just write about your brand, you need to talk about your products, services or activities in detail. Make it about your brand and make it interesting, at the same time keeping it concise.

Talk to your Audience: Be authentic about what you offer your readers. Speak to them in their language. This is your chance to really engage your audience.

Consistency: Try to write consistently. Not only do you have to improve your writing skills, but also write in an engaging way. Don’t just use jargon and obscure keywords.

If you don’t manage to work on each of these points, your writing will lose its efficacy and you will see your brand’s profile plummet.

If you want to promote your brand and find the best way to do that, the best place to start is within your blog posts. It’s quite common to get confused by posts on many different marketing channels, and when you write about marketing, you will most likely benefit from a variety of relevant expertise.

The key to having your blog posts gain any kind of traction is to write like you would write a blog post for your own personal blog. This is done through proper keywords and subheads, phrasing, and general content structure.

However, because it is difficult to write anything on your own personal blog, you will need to develop a couple of key SEO skills before you can promote your brand or product online.

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