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Tomb Raider: Tears of the Dragon – Lara Croft Tribute

TOTD has what every Tomb Raider fan wants, lots of action, pyrotechnics, gun battles, stuff blowing up, but most of all it has Lara Croft as played by Valerie Perez. Ms. Perez is down right hypnotizing in every frame of this film and could indeed give Angelina Jolie a run for her money. Director Nick Murphy and his crew have pulled out all the stops, with locations ranging from the blazing desert, china town, deserted alleyways to deep dark underwater caves. The fight choreography is very well done and Perez more than holds her own shooting and punching it out with the bad guys. The weapon fire-power alone in this film is enough to make your ears ring for a week! If you are a fan of the Tomb Raider films, and just can’t wait for a third big-screen adventure, then “Tears of the Dragon” will give you that much needed Lara Croft fix!
– Superhero Hype!

Valerie Perez, the actress playing Lara Croft, looks like she jumped out of the game and onto our screens. She’s got plenty of curves where they count and packs twin heaters so all you drooling Fanboys out there had better watch your step.
– Fanboy Theatre

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