Interviews & Articles

Selecta Magazine, January 2022
Todo Lo Que Acontecio en La 46 Gala Anual de los Saturn Awards
Saturns 2021 appearance

Selecta Magazine, July 2017

Lesser Known But No Less Wonderful: The OTHER Wonder Women June 2, 2017
Blastoff Comics News
Guest column featuring every woman to portray a wonder from the 1960′s TV pilot to today.

Valerie Perez Meets The Geeks December 2016
Geeks of the Galaxy Podcast
Career speak and we delve deep into the geek well talking Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary.

Live @ The Perky Nerd September 23rd 2016
Raised by Toons Podcast
LIVE at the Women of DC Fan Art Show hosted by The Perky Nerd. Catch interviews with ‘The Real Wonder Woman’ Valerie Perez, Chris Pimental, George Newman, Perky Nerd Owner Tiffany, Mauricio Abril, and so much more!

WORD OF THE NERD Spotlight Interview July 10, 2015
Word of the Nerd and Living for the Moment Cosplayer Spotlight.

ComicWow! TV May 21, 2015 Video Clip
AC BoardWalk Con 2015 Interview about the excitement of meeting fans and her love for the Wonder Woman Museum.

Iconicast Podcast May 5, 2015 Video Clip
Sharing on all things Wonder Woman in this wonder-filled podcast!

For the Love of Spock Documentary,
August 2017 Sci Fi Magazine

Sidewalks Entertainment Feb 14, 2015 Video Clip
Interviewer interviews his favorite cosplayer and actress/model Valerie Perez.

Retrenders Media June 1st 2014 Video Clip
Informal chat with highlights from BigWow Fest 2014

Earth Station One Podcast December 11th 2013  
Episode 192 – You’re a Wonder, Wonder Woman

The Nerdist – Just Cos NYCC November 23rd 2013   Video Clip
Transforming into Wonder Woman & Paula Peril updates

Bleeding Cool Magazine issue #6 October 10, 2013
Getting Into Character
( This is one of my favorite interviews ever! )

GEEK OUT! August 4th 2013   Video Clip
Discussing what it means to be a geek.

The Sexiest Wonder Woman & X-Men’s Storm tell us about Big Wow ComicFest! July 9th 2013   Video Clip
Interview on event as ambassador for Big Wow Fest!

Cosplay Interview at Wonder Con April 2013 Video Clip
Interviewed by Ben of Schadenfreude Industries about cosplay and related nerdery.

Creative Drive Magazine Pen 2 Ink Press November 2012   With Photos
Valerie Perez: The Wonder Behind the Woman

Costume Station Zero Podcast October 16th 2012  
Episode 8 Wonder Woman! (Parts 1 & 2)

Interview for Ghost Dive August 5th 2012   Video Clip
Chatting about character for the action movie Ghost Dive.

Killer Film July 12 2012   With Photos
Hottie of the Week SDCC ’12 Edition: Valerie Perez

Jazma Online June 29th 2012   Photos
Paula Peril actress, Valerie Perez

Paula Peril: Midnight Whistle Interview December 10th 2011   Video Clip
Playing the adventurous title character in ‘Paula Peril: Midnight Whistle’

The Comics Ninja January 3rd 2011   Photos
Cosplay Babe of the Month For January 2011: Valerie Perez, Part II

The Comics Ninja January 1st 2011   Photos
Cosplay Babe of the Month For January 2011: Valerie Perez, Part I

The Comics Ninja December 13th 2010   Photos
Sneak Peak January Cosplay Babe of the Month: Valerie Perez

Film Method August 4th 2010  
Episode 48 Icons Panel #2 – Universal Dead

Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind the Camera September 15th 2008  Photos
Now available in paperback via Amazon

Fan Film Follies Podcast March 3rd 2008  
Tears of the Dragon interview

Comicus Italian Publication December 15th 2007   Photos
Italian comic news site article regarding Valerie Perez’s new comic book feature.
NOTE: scroll down for english translation. Oct 2007 Issue
Starring in comic book feature, ‘Midnight is the Darkest Hour’ in development

Femme Fatales Magazine September 2007 Issue   Photos
Four page photo spread in the men’s lifestyle magazine devoted to the beautiful women of entertainment

Comic Book Bin & Fan Film Follies April 17th 2007   Photos
Pop culture news sites cover my first film in this in depth interview

Superhero Hype! Fan Film Spotlight August 2006
My first film, ‘Tears of the Dragon’ listed in the top four fan tributes!

San Diego Comic Con International Magazine Summer 2006 pg 21
Film school announced with interview with film maker/actress Valerie Perez interview and VisualFX editor Sean Rourke.
Click here to read online and download your copy!

Ultimate DVD Magazine UK Publication Issue #75, May 2006 pgs 54-56   Photos
Monthly UK publication packed with up-to-the-minute reviews of new releases, upcoming releases and interviews

“Attack of the Show” – Channel G4 Episode #6037 March 15th 2006   Video Clip
Featured story with interview from our TOTD World Premiere in Hollywood, CA

Tomb Raider Fans magazine Spaniard Publication Número 5. Septiembre 2005 pgs 3-5
Free Spanish e-zine article – read here in spanish

Ny Lara Croft – Jubii M! Denmark Publication March 18th 2005
Danish magazine article on my Lara Croft project: Rough english version*
* - Thank you Kasper Staerk for translating!

La doppia vita di Lara Croft – Italian Publication March 3rd 2005
Italian online news article on my Lara Croft tribute film: Italian | English translation

The Sun Newspaper Online UK Publication March 1st 2005   Photos
Interview with UK’s #1 newspaper on my first production, Tomb Raider: Tears of the Dragon

Actress/model portraying heroines for print & screen.